A Simple Necklace DIY

With summer on the horizon it’s time for lightweight dresses, your favorite pair of shorts, and a laid back version of your closet. These necklaces compliment summer perfectly! Simple, fun, and pretty, these necklaces can be worn with your favorite casual t-shirt, and on that upcoming summer date. These also make great gifts for girlfriends whose birthdays are in the summer! Read ahead to find out how to make these beauties!

The Materials
2 pieces of chain, 8.5″ long
1 2″ eye pin
2 jump rings
1 lobster claw clasp
pretty beads

The Tools
needle nose pliers
round nose pliers
wire cutters


Being by threading your beads onto your eye pin. Stack as many as you can onto the pin while leaving a little more than 1/4″ of the bottom of the pin free.


Using needle nose pliers, grasp at the base of the remaining eye pin, at the top of the last bead, and bend the eye pin 45°.


Hold your eye pin with the bent end pointing towards you. Grab your round nose pliers and grasp the tip of your eye pin. Roll the pliers down and away from you to form a loop that looks like the “eye” on the other side of the eye pin. If this is your first time, it might take a few tries!


Find something round like a glass or the base of a candle, and press your eye pin full of beads against the base. This will give your necklace a nice curve.

Next you’re going to open the eye loops on either end of your beaded eye pin. With your needle nose pliers in one hand and your beaded eye pin in the other, grasp the closing tip of one eye pin loop and open by gently rotating the tip towards yourself. The loop shouldn’t be opened as you would a three ring binder, pulling the tips apart and away from each other; rather they should be rotated open the same way you open a split ring on your key chain. Take one of your chain pieces and slide the last loop onto the open eye. Close the eye loop, making sure the tip fits snuggly against the body of the pin so the chain doesn’t slide off. Repeat on the other side with the remaining piece of chain.

simple-necklace-oss-6 simple-necklace-oss-5

Take one of your jump rings and open is the same way your opened your eye pin loop. Slide the last loop from the other side of one of your chains onto the ring. Close the jump ring. Open the second jump ring slide the other chain end onto it and the lobster claw clasp. Close the jump ring.


Wrap that beauty around your neck, and you now have a beautiful new piece of jewelry!


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